How far in advance do I book with you?

Just send me a quick email and we can decide together what works best for you. If you need your products for an event, I recommend at least four weeks in advance!

Is hair and makeup provided?

Yes! I have a hair and makeup artist that does a wonderful job and I highly recommend getting that done for your photo session.

What is the turnaround time?

Nothing over two weeks!

Do you get a digital release?

ONLY if a product or package is purchased, otherwise, digitals are sold as a product.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

Yes, I would suggest bringing a friend. I've found it usually helps the nerves for all by boudie babes!

I don't know how to pose, do you help with that?

I will pose you from head to toe! You might be sore the next day, but its totally worth it!

What do I wear?

After booking your session, I will personally go over wardrobe and send you recommendations, links, idea boards as well as provide access to my client closet.

Will my images be shared online?

This is the number one question I get! Absolutely up to you. I will never ask you to do something you are uncomfortable with, this includes sharing your photos online. I give you three options on how you wish your images to be share. None, anonymous, or full release!

How do I book with you?

After you have decided you want to do a session, we can discuss details via, email, phone, DM or even text. Whatever is most convenient for you. We will then discuss all the details and I send you and invoice for the retainer fee. After the retainer is paid, you will officially be in the books!

How many outfits do I get to wear?

Anywhere between 3-4!

How long does the session last?

Hair and makeup lasts up to an hour and a half and the session is 60 minutes!