Albums are Priceless

Do you know how books smell? Now I know that sounds like a weird question, but a book store? Do you remember how that new book with crisp edges smells? There’s something I’ll never get over when it comes to hard back covers. I didn’t play into the digital books or the audiobooks, I mean sure it’s convenient, but we all know convenience has a price. I love touching the words and tracing along the lines. I love gifting books that look like the recipient, I love the way books feel in your hand the weight of them and how well they wrap. Something about a book with a big bow on it just seems very classic to me and well thought out. This is part of the reason I think we need albums, these are not just photos, these are the exact moment in your history that show what you look like, and who you are. The confidence you wore, and I think it deserves to be recorded in an album. You are not e-book status, you are hard cover with intricate designs and crisp pages. You are hard cover book with textured covers and many pages, you are a gift to yourself or to a loved one. These photos will be something you will look back on for years and years to come, don’t scroll through your photos on your phone and look for them all scattered. Compartmentalize and make yourself worth compartmentalizing. It’s not just a book of photos with you; it’s showing body positivity, it’s confidence, it’s hot, it’s teaching generations after you, it’s showing that you know exactly who you are. 

I myself have used this as a tool for body positivity, I write sticky notes of things that I like about myself in these photos and I put them on the photo. I leave them in the album and whenever I don’t feel good I go through and I look and I remember all the things that I do like about myself. I like the way my hips curve, I like the way I look from that angle, I like the way my hair drapes down my back, I do like me. 

I encourage you to buy the album, I encourage you to invest in yourself, I encourage you to finish the process. You have invested in yourself so far, you have made yourself a special occasion, and now it’s time to record that. It’s time for it to be out in the world as its own book. And I promise my dear you’re worth writing, you are more beautiful that any order of words, buy the album.