Why Boudoir?

When I was a little girl I remember standing in the mirror and tracing the outlines of my face, I didn’t look like the other girls. I wasn’t the same shape, my smile was different. I knew from an early age I wasn’t meant to blend in, no one is. I’ve grown into a woman who loves how different she is, I adore how my body curves, or doesn’t. I love my hair, it’s part of what frames my jawline. Every wrinkle, scar, and hair out of place, is all me. I know I am different. I know now that diversity in my clients closet is what will help others appreciate how their bodies curve, or don’t. I believe people are unique, so I’ve created a space that is just as exclusive. I have collected colors, sizes, styles and moods for everyone. Maybe you’re a Nicki fan who needs a slaying red set to strut to, or maybe a light blue fun set while we jam to Dixie chicks, either way, we’re going to find what fits your personality. We don’t hate on different around here. Here, we embrace it and encourage it, bring on that divine feminine power. Whatever that may mean to you. 

“She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it.”